DHSMV Downtime

Dear Tax Payers, Customers and Friends,

Our office is an agent for many state offices. One being DHSMV for the processing of your titles, registrations, driver licenses, ID cards and many other needs.

The state has been going through a system restructure and it has unfortunately caused many system failures. While they are working hard to correct these issues, it has left us in a difficult position of not being able to process your transactions as quickly as we are accustomed to.

I would like to take this time to make you aware of this ongoing situation and to discourage you from waiting until the last minute to process much needed transactions.

Please remember we have many online services and with our season in full swing, now more than ever it is a great time to skip the line!

Click here to read a copy of the letter from the Agency for State Technology.

Thank you,
Vickie L. Potts