Delinquent Tax Files

Lands Available
Property that is offered at the County Tax Deed Sale that no one has bid against will be placed on the List of Lands Available. In order to purchase any of these parcels you must pay the original bid, any additional years taxes, and the Clerk of Court fees. For tax information, please contact our office at (941)743-1350. For Clerk of the Courts fees and information please call (941)637-2130. This is NOT a risk free investment. Be careful and check out the property before you invest any money.

  • Lands Available Listing
    Please Contact the Clerk of Courts Office
  • Tax Certificate Sale Brochure
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  • County Held Certificates
    A list of all county held certificates can be found at
  • Certificate Search - Delinquent Taxes
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Tax Deed Sales
A Tax Deed Sale is the sale of property at public auction for back taxes and fees associated with bringing the property to sale. Anyone may bid on the property and it is sold to the highest bidder. The total amount bid, plus recording fees, must be paid to the Clerk of the Courts office. Please contact them for further information. A Tax Deed may be stopped according to Florida Statute 197.422 by the redemption of all taxes and fees paid to the Tax Collector's Office prior to the recording of the Tax Deed. Please be aware that after you have received a Tax Deed, additional activities may be necessary in order to obtain a marketable title. You may wish to contact your attorney for further information. Please feel free to contact the Delinquent Tax Department at (941)743-1354 or the Clerk of the Court's office at (941)637-2130 for any additional information.
Redeemed certificates will be removed from list and updated in file.