Important Information Concerning the 2017 Tax Bills

Driver License Requirements

For office visits, you must bring specific forms of proof for identification, Social Security number and residential address. The checklists here list some valid documents. For more document options, visit

  1. Identification: U.S. Citizens
    (Bring one:)
    • Certfied U.S. birth certificate
    • Valid U.S. Passport
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Consular proof of birth abroad
  2. Social Security Number (if issued)
    (Bring one:)
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 form
    • SSA-1099
    • Non-SSA-1099
    • Pay stub showing number
  3. Residential Address (not post office box)
    (Bring two:)
    • Deed, mortgage, payment booklet, or rental agreement
    • Florida vehicle registration or title
    • Utility bill or hookup/work order

  4. Legal Name Change(if applicable)
    • Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court orders that show your name change(s) (Uncertified photocopies are not valid.)

  5. Non-U.S. Citizens
    • Document requirements are the same for Social Security number (if issued) and residential address. For identification documents please visit