Important Information Concerning the 2017 Tax Bills

Vessel Registration Information

As an agent for the DHSMV, the Tax Collector is responsible for providing the necessary service and record-keeping procedures used in processing motorboat titles and registrations. All Florida vessels with motors, including PWC's (personal watercrafts), must be titled, registered and issued a decal, which must be affixed to the PORT side of the vessel.

  • Procedure For Obtaining Florida Vessel Title
    The owner of a new vessel must have the manufacturer's certificate of origin (MCO) completed by the seller (dealer/store). The MCO is the "birth certificate" for the vessel.

    For a used vessel, the new owner must present us with the title. If the vessel was previously registered in a state that did not issue a title, the registration and a notarized bill of sale signed by the owner must be provided. (Note: Never can a registration replace a title for a vessel that was registered in Florida). New owners have 30 days to transfer the title or they will be subject to a $10.00 delinquent fee. Note: on Florida vessel titles, notarization is NO longer required. All new owners must be present to sign the title application form and must present legal ID. For estimated costs to title a vessel, please call (941)743-1350.
  • Annual Vessel Registrations
    Registration fees for commercial vessels and pleasure vessels are based on vessel lengths. Vessel registrations expire midnight of the registered owner's birthday, except for company owned vessels which expire June 30th. Pleasure and Commercial registrations are issued the same type decal, previously there were separate registration decals for each. It is strongly recommended that all vessels owners renew their registration by mail. Duplicate registration can be obtained at your local Tax Collector's office. The duplicate must be applied for by the vessel owner. The vessel owner will need his FL#.

For additional information please call (941) 743-1350.