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New License and ID Card Information

Florida is leading the nation in an effort to provide our residents with a more secure identification document.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, Floridians renewing or obtaining a new driver license / identification card are required to show proof of 1) identification, 2) Social Security number and 3) two proofs of residential address.

  • Why have the license and ID Card Requirements changed?
    Florida has passed laws that will help better protect our citizens and visitors by strengthening our ability to verify an applicant's identity and legal presence in the United States. The changes will help increase our overall security.
  • Will my current License/ID card be valid after January 1, 2010?
    Yes, if you were born December 1, 1964 or before your license/ID card will be valid until December 1, 2017 or until expiration. If you were born after December 1, 1964 your license/ID will be valid until December 1, 2014 or until expiration.
  • Can I still get both a Driver's License and an Identification Card?
    Sorry, no. You will have to choose which one you would like to have. Your license acts as an identification card, so it is not necessary to have both.
  • I lost my license/ID card. Will I have to get one of these new licenses/IDs?
    Not necessarily. You can request a replacement license at If you do need to come into the office to request a replacement, then you must bring the required documents as described on the Gather, Go, Get website. You will be issued the new license.
  • I only have copies of my documents, not originals. What should I do?
    You will need to request original documentation. For example, a replacement social security card is free, while a copy of a Florida birth certificate is $9.00. If you need help determining how to get replacement documents, visit the Gather, Go, Get website and click on "Document Help." If you are unable to get a replacement, you can request an exception. We should know within 48 hours if your request was granted.
  • My last name is different than my primary identification. What should I do?
    We need to see proof of your name change. If your name has changed due to marriage or a court order, you must submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate(s) or court order(s). If your last name has changed multiple times, you must present a document trail that links your current name to your chosen proof of identity. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, your name change must already be reflected in your primary identification.

Visit the Gather, Go, Get Website for more information.