Important Information Concerning the 2017 Tax Bills

Hunting and Fishing

The Tax Collector serves as an agent of of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. In this capacity, the Tax Collector is responsible for the sale of a variety of hunting and fishing permits. It is the Tax Collector's duty to collect all monies from these sales and maintain the records associated with these transactions.

A valid license or permit is required by all persons who intend to hunt or fish in Florida, however, there are exemptions. More information can be found in the links below.

Licenses can be purchased at any Charlotte County Tax Collector's Office, at various local subagents designated by the Tax Collector, or online. A duplicate license can be obtained from the Tax Collector's Office for $2.00 per license. Duplicates cannot be issued by subagents.

The accuracy of the information on provided on this web site is not guaranteed for legal purposes. For the most current information, please contact the Tax Collector's office or visit The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision's webite.