Online Renewals

RenewExpress and DHSMV's GoRenew are both available for your automobile and vessel registration renewals. For your convenience, we have outlined the differences in these services below:

Renew Express Logo

Renew Express Payment Types

Renew Express Convenience Fees

  • E-Checks - Free Learn More
  • Credit Cards - $3.50 per renewal

Registration Renewals can be processed using the following:

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    Located on the renewal notice
  • License Plate Number AND Birthdate

For more information on each requirement, click the Question Mark next to each field.

Renew using RenewExpress


Go Renew Payment Types

DHSMV GoRenew Convenience Fees

  • Credit Cards - $2.00 per order

Registration Renewals can be processed using the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number

Additional Requirements are neccessary for non-FL Residents

Renew using DHSMV GoRenew

eBanking / Bill Pay

Alternatively, you can use eBanking or Bill Pay if your bank provides this service. To do so, create a payee for the Charlotte County Tax Collector as your bank instructs. Make sure to include your license plate number and initiate your payment with sufficient lead time for it to settle in our account by the due date.